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Starbucks Global Academy 

Starbucks Global Academy (SGA) is a globally accessible platform created in partnership with Arizona State University for Starbucks partners, customers, community members, and learners around the world that delivers world-class learning content and eliminates barriers to high-quality education. Using SGA, learners can advance their personal and professional goals by choosing from a library of curated courses; including Starbucks specific content Greener Apron, Starbucks Coffee Academy, and To Be Welcoming.

Greener Apron  

Inspires and educates a community of learners through sustainability curriculum focusing on environmental issues broadly, in stores and at home to empower partners to be sustainability champions.  

Become a certified Greener Apron in less than five hours by completing three short online modules. Upon completion, we will send you a pin to wear proudly on your green apron, making it even greener!  

Starbucks Coffee Academy   

Coffee Academy content is made possible through the collaboration of our coffee experts around the world—agronomists, quality specialists, coffee buyers, roasters, baristas and coffee educators—so that you can learn more about the topics that interest you most. The launch of Starbucks Coffee Academy is a milestone for our company, one we’ve been heading toward excitedly for years. This dynamic, modular coffee learning journey will allow every partner to feel rooted in our coffee heritage and inspired to build a future at Starbucks. 

To Be Welcoming 

Helps users address conscious and unconscious bias at both the individual and systemic level.

Free for all partners