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Vacation & Other Time Off

Retail hourly partners accrue Paid Vacation Time with each hour you work, beginning with your date of hire. The accrual rate increases the longer you remain employed. Hourly retail partners must be employed for six continuous months to take paid Vacation Time off. 

Retail salaried & non-retail partners will receive an annual Vacation Time grant each year on October 1 for the year with the understanding that this Vacation Time will be earned over the course of the upcoming year. If you were hired after October 1, you will be granted a pro-rated amount of annual vacation based on your most recent hire date. You must use your Vacation Time in the year for which it is granted. 


We observe the holidays in accordance with provincial requirements, including eligibility. Whether you receive pay for these holidays depends on factors such as your province of work, work schedule and position. 

Leaves of Absence 

Starbucks offers a variety of leaves of absence if you are ill or injured, need to care for an immediate family member, or a variety of other reasons as specified by legislation. In addition, Starbucks offers a Personal Leave for discretionary time off and a Career Coffee Break (Sabbatical). Eligibility varies by leave type.