Bean Stock

Bean Stock gives Starbucks partners an opportunity to share in the financial success of the company through shares of Starbucks stock – it’s the reason we’re called partners. 

Eligible partners are granted Bean Stock Restricted Stock Units (RSUs), which turn into shares of Starbucks stock over a two-year period. To receive shares, Starbucks partners must be continuously employed during that waiting period, called vesting.

Simply put, if you stay employed by Starbucks for at least one year from the grant date with no breaks in service, you will receive the first half of your Bean Stock. If you remain employed two years from the grant date, you will receive the second half. Once you own the shares, you can hold or sell them.

Starbucks partners are eligible for a Bean Stock grant in November if you are a store partner (or non-retail partner up to grade 25) hired by May 1 and have no breaks in service between May 1 and the November grant date.