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TELUS Health Employee Assistance Program 

All Canada partners and their family members are eligible.  

Our Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is offered through TELUS Health. TELUS Health is a total well-being solution that you and your family members can use to boost your physical, mental, emotional, financial and social health. Through TELUS Health , you have access to short-term EAP counselling support and other resources to help them through difficult situations you may face in life and at work. 

Work-Life services 

TELUS Health confidential and private support services can provide expert guidance and practical work-life services, referrals to counsellors and other specialists, and connections to community resources in a variety of areas, including: 

  • Work, life, health, family and money 
  • Childcare matching 
  • Eldercare matching 
  • Recommended resources 
  • Financial consultations
  • Legal consultations
  • Management consultations
  • Onsite critical incidents services
  • Personalized health coaching

Total wellness offerings 

  • Health assessments
  • Participation-driven rewards & incentives
  • Individual or corporate challenges
  • Wearable teach integration

Perks & savings 

Through TELUS Health , you can also access over 2,000 perks and discounts on your favourite brands and daily expenses. Enjoy: 

  • Digital gift cards: Receive digital codes instantly to email or mobile wallet to use in stores or online.  
  • Online cashback: Choose from hundreds of retailers and earn a percentage of purchase back into TELUS Health  wallet.
  • In-store and exclusive offers: Present the TELUS Health  app at checkout for instant discounts on in-store purchases.