1. Financial Well-Being (U.S.)

Financial Well-Being (U.S.)

Take charge of your finances and explore new benefits and tools to help nurture your financial growth. 

My Starbucks Savings 

My Starbucks Savings is uniquely designed to help you achieve your short-term savings goals—like saving for an emergency, home repair or even a well-deserved vacation. You can save towards your goals directly from your paycheck (post-tax). If you’re eligible for incentives, you can even earn incentives of up to $250.*#

All U.S. partners age 18 and over can choose to start saving any time after they are hired.  To receive incentives, you must also:

  • Have reached 90 days of employment (from your most recent date of hire), and 
  • Not be in a role at the director level or above

Incentive eligibility# is determined at the end of each month or quarter as applicable. Starbucks partners can go to MyStarbucksSavings.com to sign up.  

Starbucks Financial Resilience Toolkit 

Whether you’re just starting out in your career, building a partnership or family with loved ones, or planning for long-term financial goals, even a little financial guidance can make a huge difference.

Full of useful information Fidelity put together just for Starbucks partners, the toolkit allows you to explore topics ranging from budgeting and short-term savings to long-term savings and retirement tips and guidance.

Any U.S. partner can access the Financial Resilience Toolkit. Starbucks partners can go to MyStarbucksSavings.com to access the Toolkit.

Starbucks Student Loan Management 

Starbucks has teamed up with Tuition.io to help you better manage student debt. This benefit can help whether you’re a recent graduate with loans, just starting college or the parent of a college-bound child.

The Starbucks.Tuition.io platform provides you with payment strategies, student loan management coaches and links to take action.

U.S. partners age 18 and over with 90 days of employment (from most recent date of hire), and their families.  Eligible Starbucks partners can go to Starbucks.tuition.io to use the platform.

* Active U.S. Starbucks partners 18 or older are eligible to participate through Goal Booster and fund a My Starbucks Savings account through payroll contributions on an after-tax basis through their paycheck, though not all active U.S. partners 18 or older are eligible for incentives provided through My Starbucks Savings.

# Eligibility for incentives through My Starbucks Savings is limited to active U.S. Starbucks partners, at least age 18 with 90 days of service, excluding partners at the director level or above. To be eligible for the incentives, you must also be actively employed on the last day of the incentive month, and you must have an open account with an active Goal Booster election on the date the incentive is deposited to your account. Inactive or closed accounts cannot accept deposits. Incentives are subject to required income tax withholding.  

† Active U.S. Starbucks partners 18 or older with at least 90 days of service may be eligible to participate in the Starbucks Student Loan Management benefit.  

A partner’s eligibility to participate in the My Starbucks Savings incentive and the Student Loan Management benefits is also impacted by whether the partner has union representation or works at a store that has been involved in union organizing since the announcement of these investments.  At stores where workers have union representation, federal law requires good faith collective bargaining over wages, benefits and working conditions which prohibits Starbucks from making or announcing unilateral changes, including with respect to the My Starbucks Savings incentive or the Student Loan Management benefits.  At stores involved in union organizing (for example, where election petitions have been filed), Starbucks cannot lawfully announce new wages, benefits, and changes because these might positively or negatively affect employee choices about unions.  Starbucks cannot determine or predict whether the My Starbucks Savings incentive or the Student Loan Management benefits will be implemented at stores that have union representation or which remain involved in union organizing. Where Starbucks is required to engage in collective bargaining, Starbucks will always negotiate in good faith. Connect with your District Manager if you have questions. For more information, visit one.starbucks.com. 

This communication provides a description of My Starbucks Savings and Starbucks Student Loan Management offered by Starbucks Corporation to eligible Starbucks partners and eligible partners of participating affiliated companies of Starbucks Coffee Company. Starbucks presently intends to continue My Starbucks Savings plus incentive and Starbucks Student Loan Management but reserves the right to change, modify or terminate the plans at any time and with or without notice and for any reason, except that Starbucks cannot lawfully announce changes to wages, benefits, and/or terms and conditions may not be unilaterally implemented in stores with organizing underway because these might positively or negatively affect employee choices about unions or will be subject to collective bargaining for stores with certified union representation. This information is not a promise or guarantee of benefits, nor is it a guarantee of employment with Starbucks. Nothing herein creates contractual rights or obligations, nor does it restrict the rights of Starbucks Corporation, its subsidiaries, and its affiliates in any manner. Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the information contained in this communication. Nonetheless, if there is any discrepancy between the information set out here and the plan provisions, the terms of the plan provisions will govern.