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Stock Investment Plan (S.I.P.)

Starbucks Stock Investment Plan (S.I.P.) is a quarterly stock purchase plan that allows Starbucks partners to buy Starbucks stock at a 5% discount. Starbucks partners are eligible to participate after 90 days of service and may contribute between 1-10% of your base pay through regular payroll deductions.

Starbucks partners may enroll, change your contribution percentage or withdraw only during enrollment periods (1st – 15th of March, June, September and December). Changes cannot be made at any other time.

Once you enroll, your paycheck deductions will start on the first payday after the new quarterly offering period begins. Your contributions will be held by Starbucks for the entire offering period. On the last day of the quarter, Starbucks will purchase as many shares of Starbucks stock as possible at the discounted rate and deposit them to your Fidelity NetBenefits account.

If you leave the company prior to a quarterly purchase date, your contributions will be refunded through payroll.

New for 2023: Starting with the stock purchase on March 31, 2023, Starbucks will be able to purchase fractional shares on behalf of partners participating in S.I.P.. Previously, S.I.P. contributions were limited to purchases in whole shares of Starbucks stock.

Example: Let’s say that you contributed $125 to S.I.P. through payroll deductions over the quarter and Starbucks stock was $100 on the purchase date.

Before 2023: Your contributions would purchase 1 share of Starbucks stock for $95 per share (with 5% discount) and you would receive 1 share of stock (valued at $100). The remaining $30 would roll over to your contributions toward the next quarter’s purchase, or could be refunded to you if you elect to stop your participation in the next quarterly enrollment window.

Now: Your contributions would purchase 1.3158 shares of Starbucks stock for $95 per share (with 5% discount) and you would receive 1.3158 shares of stock (valued at $131.58). Your entire contribution was used to purchase shares, so no roll over or refund is needed.