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Commuter Benefits

If you take the bus, ride the subway or pay to park your car in a garage or parking lot when you work, you may be able to save on your commute.

Commuter Benefit Program gives you a convenient way to pay for work-related commuter expenses through pre-tax payroll deductions. Over the course of a year, you could save up to two months’ worth of expenses.  

All partners are eligible except partners at the Seattle Support Center or Kent Flexible Plant. There is no minimum length of service or minimum hours required. 

You can select weekly or monthly transit passes or parking options, based on what’s offered in your area. If you don’t need a weekly or monthly option, you can sign up for a Commuter Check Card, which can be used at most transit agency ticket vending machines and ticket windows. 

 IRS regulations allow the following work-related transportation expenses to be covered: 

  • Bus, train, subway, ferry, transit vehicle and street car fares 
  • Vanpool fees 
  • Monthly parking fees at a garage or lot 
  • Parking meter, parking lot cash box, and park-and-ride fees 

Examples of expenses that are not eligible include (but are not limited to): 

  • Taxi fare 
  • Bridge tolls 
  • Expenses related to maintenance of a personal vehicle, including fuel costs
  • Costs associated with bicycling