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Financial Wellness Resources

Financial wellness is feeling good about your financial situation and knowing what to do next with your money. 

Here are some tools to help get you started:

Financial Wellness Checkup

To see your personal financial picture, take Fidelity’s confidential Financial Wellness Checkup. Just log in to your Fidelity®  NetBenefits account to begin.


Make a budget. It’s easier than you think with a basic budgeting tool to get you started.

Tips for Life Events

Stay on top of your money – from paying down debt and keeping up with bills to saving for the future.

Learn how to save, borrow and invest

Your Credit Score

Everyone Needs an Emergency Fund

Know your credit score

Learn how to build a safety net to protect yourself and your loved ones.

Investment Planning and Advice

Get advice on your 401(k). Log in to Fidelity NetBenefits. From there, you can enroll in the Future Roast 401(k) Plan if you’re eligible, get details about the plan and see the investment options available, including the Target Date Investment options. Select the investment tab to research and compare the investments offered in the Future Roast 401(k) Plan. You can do it yourself with help from Fidelity’s Planning & Guidance Center or have your account professionally managed with Personalized Planning & Advice

Work-Life Services

Lyra provides work-life services to help you work through personal life obstacles, including legal, identity theft and financial services.