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Family Expansion Reimbursement

The Family Expansion Reimbursement program assists eligible partners with certain costs of growing their families through adoption, surrogacy, or Intrauterine Insemination (IUI).

All benefits eligible partners are eligible to apply for reimbursement of eligible adoption expenses and eligible, non-medical surrogacy expenses. To be eligible to apply for and be reimbursed for eligible medical expenses for surrogacy and IUI, you and your spouse/domestic partner must be enrolled in a Starbucks medical plan and you must also be employed by Starbucks at the time your reimbursement is processed by payroll.

You can be reimbursed for qualifying expenses up to $10,000 per attempted or successful adoption, surrogacy or IUI procedure, up to a lifetime maximum of $30,000 per partner (or per couple, if both you and your spouse or domestic partner are Starbucks partners).