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Weekly Markout & Discount

Weekly Partner Markout:

Each week (Monday through Sunday) you can get one coffee or tea item at no cost at company-owned Starbucks stores. This is called your partner “markout”. Items eligible for the weekly partner markout include:

  • One pound of whole bean coffee (some limitations apply)  
  • One box of 12 VIA ready brew packets 
  • One box of six flavored VIA ready brew packets 
  • One box of five Iced VIA ready brew packets 
  • One box of five or six VIA Refreshers brew packets 

We encourage you to ​take advantage of this benefit each weekIf you miss a week, you can’t make up for it in future weeks. 

In-Store Merchandise Discount: 

Starbucks partners may receive a 30% discount on the purchase price of beverages (espresso beverages and ready-to-drink), food items and merchandise (including clearance-priced items) purchased in company-operated Starbucks retail stores. 

 Obtaining your Partner Markout and Merchandise Discount:  

 To obtain the weekly partner markout and in-store merchandise discount in any participating company-operated store, present your current Partner Card OR share your partner number with valid ID to confirm your name at the Point of Sale (POS) register. The partner number will be validated for the discount.  

 You may present a Partner Card in one of the following versions: 

  • temporary paper Starbucks Partner Card along with a photo identification,
  • plastic Starbucks Partner Card, or
  • Starbucks Partner Card image on the Starbucks App